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The saga of J building his tiny off-grid house

Really, really overdue update

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Well it’s been quite a while since my last post here, and this will be the last for a while to come. The short update is that this little plan is no more. Life became busy, I moved in with my girlfriend and found myself in near full-time work in the film industry.

I sold the windows, chimney, batteries and most other parts of the tiny house and scrapped the lumber to various places that it could be used.

I hope to return to build a tiny house one day but it’s a way off in the future, as there are some other plans afoot to take the two of us to the countryside in search of a less hectic life together.

I’ve been asked here and there what advice I might give to anyone else considering building something similar and it would be simply this: buy a decent trailer and make sure it’s good before you start anything else. I could have bought a custom trailer, modified by the manufacturer with the extras that would make the build much easier for about £2500, it would have been money well spent. I could scrimp and delay putting some nice things inside but at least the house would have been built in a fraction of the time, been solidly roadworthy and I might be living in it now.

Life has turned out differently for me, I’ve become wonderfully entangled with my new girlfriend and we forging a future together. I do still follow the world of tiny houses with great interest and when I see a particularly well done example I get a pang of wonder about how mine might turn out. I’ve still not seen one built the way I had mine designed and perhaps that’s enough incentive to one day make mine a reality.

Thanks for following along with my journey.

Peace, out.

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October 20th, 2012 at 7:22 pm

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