You're Going To Build A What?

The saga of J building his tiny off-grid house

Sometimes the old fashioned ways are easiest.

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You’d think I’d be using a computer for this, being a bit of a geek, but for planning layouts I’m old fashioned and still prefer to use graph paper and a pencil. I haven’t found a program that’s as easy to use as paper and pen for drawing up and playing with framing/floorplans, so today my desk was covered in sheets of paper while I figured out the best way to frame up the house.


I need to get the framing plan done so that I can work out how much lumber I need to actually order. Normally I just sit and figure it out as I go along but that won’t really work here, plus I’ll save money and hassle by getting it all in one go and having it delivered. So, I have the plan pretty much finished, I just need to futz with the roof framing a little and I’ll be ready to order.

This lot should be everything I need to get the walls and roof done, so it’ll make a big change to what’s been happening so far.

Cheers, J.

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July 14th, 2009 at 7:12 pm

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