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The saga of J building his tiny off-grid house

Finally some trailer progress.

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Last week my lovely friend Pinky came over to spend the day working on the trailer with me. We both came armed with angle grinders and spent a very happy afternoon cutting bits of unneeded trailer away, grinding sections back to flat and finally using my new best friend the wire brush wheel to strip off all the old paint and rust.

The wire wheel leaves a lovely burnished look to the steel frame which it seems a shame to paint over, but rust doesn’t care for looks and so a thick coat of rust-killing, undercoat was applied generously.



We found a couple of small areas of rust that will need patching, but they’re minor and a simple plate welded over the area will suffice. Next week will be devoted to getting the rest of the trailer finished to the point where only the main welding is left, for which I have to wait for my brother to get some time off work.

In the mean-time, I’ve been working on the framing plan, which is complete except for the roof. I’ll be heading down to the local Jewson branch this week too, so that I can order and pay for the 2×4′s and osb sheets which they’ll deliver for a very reasonable £15 charge. Then it will be stacking that lot away under a tarp and getting on with building the floor and wall frames. I can do that before the trailer’s welded up, but I just can fix them in place. Still, should mean a load of fun construction that will quickly become house shaped once I’m ready to build.

Here’s hoping the weather stays fine this week.


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July 12th, 2009 at 12:23 pm

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