You're Going To Build A What?

The saga of J building his tiny off-grid house

Guerrilla eco-builder told to demolish his house!

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Jim Wallis built a small low-cost eco home for himself which he’s lived in for 8 years, he did it because he couldn’t afford a house any other way. This is very much what I’m doing right now. 3 years ago his local council found out about it and have ordered him to have it demolished because he doesn’t have planning permission for it.

Here is a short interview and report from the BBC.

If he’d applied for planning permission he’d have been denied. I’ve been saying for a while that this is the only way some of us will ever own a house of our own, and the reason that I’m choosing eventually to leave Britain for somewhere that will allow me to build in a way and at a cost that I can afford.

I would love to find out where he is and go visit him, see if there’s any way the tiny house community might be able to offer some support.


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June 26th, 2009 at 5:53 pm

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